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ES JOi Mobile SIM Card Bundle - 5 pack

A JOi Mobile SIM Card is required for JOi Mobile Spain Network Access.
Customers must have a SIM Card in their possession before they are able to activate their device. Only SIMs purchased from JOi Mobile are supported.
Purchase JOi Mobile SIM Cards to have at hand for all your new JOi customers in Spain. This way, customers can sign up for the service and activate their phone right away - without having to wait for their SIM Card to arrive in the mail.

JOi SIM cards will be shipped free of charge, however, if you add other items to your shopping basket, standard shipping charges will apply for those items.
We will send your order as soon as possible, so your order may arrive in multiple shipments.

Important note: These JOi SIM cards are not for resale; ACN IBOs can give away a SIM card to a customer and once that SIM is activated, the IBO will receive a refund from ACN.

Price (incl. VAT) € 15,00
VAT amount: € 2,60

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